The Ultimate Guide to Weighted Gloves

If you’re anything like most gym rats out there, you know that nothing beats the feeling of showing off your hard-earned biceps. But, aside from looking awesome, strong arms and toned shoulders make everyday tasks easier, from moving heavy stuff around the house to supporting your back while working for long hours. But, how many push-ups and planks can a man do?

You probably know this by now, but increasing muscle mass is not just about working out for longer but working out efficiently. So, choosing the right workout equipment is crucial. And if crazy jacked arm muscles and strong shoulders are your goals, adding weighted gloves to the mix can go a long way. Real talk: this piece of gym equipment will help you get there.

Why Weighted Clothing Deserves Your Attention

Much like many gym-goers, hitting the gym is just your way of getting in great shape and feeling awesome. However, some of you may dream of 20-inch biceps which is just as awesome. And that’s why there’s a big case for weights these days, from the all-time classic dumbbells to weighted clothing.

More and more studies prove that training with weights at least three times a week is the best way to treat your body and health. More specifically, experts suggest that weight-bearing exercises not only help you build more muscle than usual, but they also boost your metabolism (bye, bye, body fat!) while improving your bone health. If these weren’t enough, weighted clothing is also associated with improved cardiovascular health.

Moving over to the technical stuff, weighted clothing such as weighted gloves can also improve your workout skills, be that speed, endurance, agility or balance. As your body gets used to working out with added weight, it’s no wonder you can push through tougher workouts and develop a greater core balance. Better yet? Try removing them, and you’ll see that your agility and speed are also improved.

Weighted Gloves – The Need-to-Know

We get it. For a rookie, weighted and boxing gloves don’t seem any different. The thing is, though, that they have nothing in common. Usually made of neoprene or leather, weighted gloves offer a better grip and protect your hands from getting blisters. However, as you already know, a more stable grip is not the purpose of boxing gloves.

Now, if you hate sweaty palms and, thus, losing grip when you workout, then neoprene weighted gloves are a one-way street. On the flip side, leather weighted gloves are a tad more skin-friendly as they offer more support. So, if you’re worried about getting blisters from lifting weights, look no further than a pair of leather weighted gloves.

Besides the type of material, picking the right size is also crucial. When it comes to weighted clothing and gloves (for that matter), choosing the right size goes a long way as it makes you feel comfortable and doesn’t slow you down during a workout. Even if most weighted gloves come in one size, make sure you try them out first.

However, the biggest question is: “How much weight are you willing to take on?” Beginners usually opt for a pair of weighted gloves that weigh anywhere from one to two pounds. This way not only do you up you weight resistance game but also don’t put any unnecessary pressure on your arm and shoulder muscles. Once you evolve into a weighted glove pro, you can invest in a 3- or 4-pound pair. Weighted gloves with detachable weights is also a great idea that can save you lots of time and thought.

Weighted Gloves for Cardio

Even though weighted gloves are usually used by regular weightlifters, it doesn’t mean that they can’t ramp up your cardio routine. Simply by adding more resistance, weighted gloves increase the rate at which your body torches calories, taking you a step closer to the lean, toned arms you’ve always dreamed of.

4 Out-of-the-Box Benefits of Weighted Gloves

Much as we’d like to disagree, the benefits of training with weighted gloves are not visible from that very first lift. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know about them. So, read on to find out the top benefits of weighted gloves that go way beyond jacked arm muscles.

  • Supporting the Wrists

Fun fact: Most gym-goers focus so much on buffing their muscles that they often neglect to play it safe with other parts of their body during an intense workout session. One such part is your wrists. While we think it’s all muscle during a lift, both palms and wrists also play a huge role in completing the move.

For regular weightlifters, weighted gloves may be the best solution to this issue. This piece of weighted clothing is usually wrapped around the wrist, providing additional support for each movement. Better be safe than sorry, right?

  • Enhancing the Grip

Most of the times the efficiency of an exercise doesn’t depend solely on the muscles it hits but on the way you perform it. And when it comes to weightlifting, a steady grip is all that matters. Imagine grabbing a barbell only to let it slip a moment later and land on your feet.

Weighted gloves are considered an excellent way to prevent such incidents as well as joint injuries or muscle cramps due to a weak grip. How? Simply due to increased friction which brings us to the next benefit of weighted gloves.

  • Reducing Friction and Preventing Blisters and Calluses

For those of you who lift weights long enough, it’s common knowledge that friction results in calluses and, even worse, hand blisters. While calluses won’t stop you from training, blisters may not be as polite. They are often painful and may not allow you to perform the exercise as efficiently. Weighted gloves are an excellent way to reduce had-to-bar/barbell/dumbbell etc. friction and prevent calluses and, most importantly, blisters.

  • Relieving from Unnecessary Pressure

When lifting heavy weights, it’s not just your arms and shoulders that take one for the team. Chest, core and back muscles also join the game. However, sometimes they are the ones to pay the price for an otherwise simple lift by putting too much unnecessary pressure on them. One of the major benefits of weighted gloves is that they increase the pressure capacity of your hands relieving other muscle groups from unnecessary pressure.

Best Weighted Gloves to Get You Started

Ready to reap the benefits of weighted gloves? If so, these two options are a great place to start.

  1. Nayoya Weighted Gloves

Adding two pounds in the mix (one pound in each hand), Nayoya weighted gloves are the ideal way to make your workout routine a bit more challenging yet not uncomfortable.


  • They’re made of neoprene which is a material that allows your skin to breathe.

  • It also features pads which provide extra comfort and protection to your hands.

  • They’re quite affordable.

  • Their 2-pound additional weight is not enough to slow you down.

  • Each glove features a Velcro strap which allows you to adjust the glove, so it doesn’t slip or make you uncomfortable.



  • It comes in one size fits all. So, there’s a chance Nayoya weighted gloves are not a good fit for you. Some people even mention that the thumb holes are too small.

  • Even though the design may look otherwise, knuckles are a bit exposed during an intense workout.


  1. MaxxMMA Weighted Gloves

In a world chockful of weighted gloves with fixed weight, MaxxMMA makes the difference. This option is one of the few that come with adjustable weights and allow you to upgrade the game once you’ve improved your skills.


  • It comes with adjustable weights which give you the chance to choose when you want to go big or small, depending on the workout and expertise.

  • The adjustable weights make it an ideal choice for both weightlifting and aerobic exercises.

  • It’s made of neoprene which helps your skin breathe without slipping. This material also snugs your hands enough to provide extra comfort and protection.

  • The price is budget-friendly, considering the quality of this product.

  • They come in various colors. So, they are suitable for both men and women.


  • The zippers for the adjustable sand bags (weights) may fail during an intense workout.


The Takeaway

Getting started with weighted gloves is the hardest part. During the first couple of training sessions, chances are you’ll get frustrated with the extra resistance that slows down your every move but don’t give up just yet. Why? Remember all the benefits that come with a pair of weighted gloves, from preventing injuries to boosting your grip. Your stronger, more toned arms will thank you!

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