Weighted Arm Sleeves for Beginners [Informational]

For most of us who hit the gym regularly, large biceps is the ultimate price. So, even though cardio is still the No 1 choice to enhance endurance, there’s a killer case for weight training, whether we are talking about the classic dumbbells or the less traditional kettlebells and such. In fact, research suggests that training with weights for as little as three times a week not only allows you to grow those muscles, but it’s also an excellent way to improve your overall health. From strengthening your bones to boosting your metabolism, it turns out that weight lifting has so much more than great muscles to offer.

But, lifting weights can get old too fast and who wants to be stuck with a boring workout regimen, you hear us? So, don’t retire your running shoes for dumbbells just yet, because weighted arm sleeves are here to cater your cardio AND weight lifting needs at the same time.

Weighted Arm Sleeves – Need-to-Know

The variety of weighted arm sleeves out there is dizzying. However, if all of them have one thing in common, that’s the fact that they are made of polyester with velcro fasteners. This material is particularly friendly to your body during exercise as it allows it to breathe. At the same time, weighted arm sleeves are weight-effective and enable an easier workout session. By being so subtle, this type of weighted clothing can also be worn under your workout clothes, and no one won’t even notice. The weights in these sleeves are usually made of sandbags making them all the more flexible to your training session, no matter if it’s intense or not.

What Do I Need to Know about Weight?

With countless ways to hit the weights these days, just knowing your muscle building goals helps take the edge off at the beginning. So, if your goal is to hit those biceps hard, then 2 lbs of weighted arm sleeves is the way to go. But, that’s as high as it gets. And athletes usually place this type of weighted clothing between the wrist and the elbow. However, some designs beg to differ as they are designed to wrap around the elbow. This way both your lower arm and weighted arm sleeves remain intact during intense workouts.

Now, if your goal is not to double the size of your biceps but build muscle and endurance at the same time, then it’s best to set the bar… low – meaning, lower the weight of the arm sleeves. During high-intensity workouts such as boxing, sprinting and plyometrics, your perform all sorts of rigorous movements. Weighted arm sleeves with extra weight can only slow you down. So, opt for maximum 1/2 lb per arm.

On the other hand, if you want to see those arm muscles grow strong, then turn the heat up with some extra weight. In fact, if you like yoga, jogging, and casual walking, don’t be afraid to max those arm sleeves out and reach your full workout potential.

Benefits To Forearm Sleeve Weights?

One recent study proves that weighted clothing -including weighted forearm sleeves– can benefit your body agility-wise. In fact, the study suggests that when used up to 50% of your training sessions, weighted clothing improves your performance up to 10%.

Agility aside, weighted arm sleeves also protect your shoulders and elbows. How? By emphasizing on your lower arm area, this type of weighted clothing prevents severe injuries due to excessive stress on your elbow and shoulder joints. Cool, huh?

Last but not least, weighted sleeves also force your core muscles -think abs- to engage more as you workout. The added resistance creates some sort of imbalance in the upper body. In its turn, this imbalance urges your body to enhance core stability and strength.

The Final Verdict

No matter if you are a gym rat or a bona fide rookie at hitting weights, the word on the street is that weighted arm sleeves are your best chance at greater arm muscle gains on a friendly budget. Being that they are so easy and versatile to use, this type of weighted clothing can also be an excellent way to turn up the muscle heat during cardio. So, keep in mind your goals, adjust the weight, and you are good to go. Try out some weighted sleeves by click the link below.

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