23 Super-Efficient Ways to Increase Libido in Men

Since time immemorial, men have been considered the more carnally-obsessed gender, proving again and again that they can get from 0 to 100 anywhere and anytime. However, we need to cut them some slack as they may not always be the sex-loving “machines” we think they are. In fact, men can have a low libido as well, and it’s actually normal.

Libido, a.k.a sex drive, is hard to measure as it varies from person to person and depends on a variety of factors, from age and the status of your hormones to how well you communicate with your partner and your work life. No matter the reason, though, the male sex drive can take a huge nosedive and your job is to increase it as much as possible. So, here are the 23 most effective ways to improve male libido.


As with everything, a balanced and nutrient-dense diet can work miracles on a guy’s sex drive. But, while certain foods can help you boost your sexy vibes, others may have the exact opposite effect. To avoid making any mistakes, here are the foods you should and shouldn’t include in your libido-boosting grocery list.

Foods to Embrace

  • Foods High in Vitamin C

It’s no secret that vitamin C improves blood circulation throughout the body. By doing so, the vitamin allows more blood to flow toward specific organs which are closely related to the male libido such as the brain and genitals. As a result, the two (the brain and the gonads) communicate more efficiently, and you tend to feel more sexually driven. Some of the most popular vitamin C foods include oranges, broccoli, guava, and strawberries.

  • Foods High in Iron

Iron is one of those nutrients that play a huge role in male reproduction. Research proves that when in low quantities, the nutrient may cause several fertility issues in men, from low libido to defective spermatogenesis. That’s why you should always keep your iron levels in check and consume as many iron-rich foods as possible. Some of the best iron sources include grass-fed beef, spirulina, liver, lentils, and spinach.

  • Dark Chocolate

Love it or hate it, chocolate is a well-known aphrodisiac. This sweet treat is reportedly linked to an increased male libido as it boosts the release of serotonin and phenylethylamine. Both of these compounds are associated with mood-lifting and libido-increasing effects, making dark chocolate one of the most popular aphrodisiacs to date. And a word of advice; make sure you steer clear of the sugar-laden chocolate products out there which can do more harm than good.

  • Nutmeg

That may come as a surprise to you, but nutmeg’s properties go way beyond making our snacks taste fantastic. This sweet spice is also an excellent aphrodisiac. According to research, nutmeg increases male libido by stimulating certain parts of the nervous system which are associated with sexual potency. So, if you feel like your libido could use a boost, nutmeg is a surefire way to achieve that.

  • Brazil Nuts

Sex drive and testosterone levels in men go hand in hand. As T levels reduce over the years, so does a man’s libido. Boosting testosterone production through selenium, Brazil nuts are one of the tastiest ways to increase your low sexual desire, whether’s it’s caused by physiological or psychological factors.

  • Watermelon

Besides cooling you on those hot summer days, watermelon can also help you get it on between the sheets. In 2008, scientists concluded that this sweet summer fruit has a Viagra-like effect on men thanks to its high content in blood cell-relaxing nutrients such as lycopene, citrulline, and beta-carotene. Talk about a “cool” way to increase your libido, no?

  • Avocado

Even though there’s little evidence to support their libido-boosting effect, avocado is considered one of the most potent aphrodisiacs today. A rich source of potassium, non-essential fatty acids and vitamin A, this fruit owes its turn-on properties to its nutritional combo which promotes testosterone production and other hormones related to a man’s libido.

  • Fig

Packed with magnesium, figs are another fruit on which you can count to skyrocket a plummeted sex drive. That occurs because the said nutrient tends to increase testosterone levels through various hormonal pathways. However, the most aphrodisiac trait of figs -especially for guys- is that their shape resembles a woman’s private parts. Their fleshy and syrupy feel definitely plays tricks on the male mind, urging us to get real steamy in the bedroom.

Foods to Avoid

  • Fried Foods

It’s officially true; fried and greasy foods are killing your sex drive. Experts suggest that foods which are high in trans fatty acids decrease sperm production, lower testosterone levels and crush your libido. So, you may want to put that piece of fried chicken down.

  • Processed Foods

Despite their convenience, processed foods are by no means a libido-friendly option. Most of them contain dubious chemicals, many of which are known for reducing your sex drive. Take high fructose corn syrup, for example. This substance is hard to break down, taxing your liver the same way alcohol does. So, after going through the liver, high fructose corn syrup is metabolized into sugar which lowers testosterone levels and kills your libido.

  • Alcohol

In theory, boozing can lower our inhibitions and helps us get in the mood for sex. OK, we kind of get that. But, how accurate is this theory? According to research, alcohol loads the human body with unnecessary toxins which are likely to cause temporary damage to the organs affected. Unfortunately, the male genitals are one of these organs. So, in a nutshell, alcohol and low libido are the same thing.

  • High-Sodium Foods

What do canned and processed foods have in common? For one, they are packed with sodium. While salt makes everything taste better, it’s harmful to the male libido as it increases blood pressure and negatively affects the blood flow to various organs, including the genitals.


  • Tribulus Terrestris

Reported to possess some serious aphrodisiac activity, Tribulus Terrestris (TT) is a century-old remedy for low sex drive. Many studies today confirm the myth surrounding the herb’s libido-boosting properties, proving that Tribulus Terrestris can be an efficient way to handle the issue.

But, how does this herb manage to increase the male libido? According to most experts, TT boosts the production and activity of several male hormones such as testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, and dehydroepiandrosterone.

  • Maca

Peruvian maca root powder is another supplement you should include in your libido-boosting grocery list. This bonafide superfood is inherently blessed with extremely potent aphrodisiac properties which can take your sex drive to a whole new level. Not only that, but maca is one of the few foods/supplements that increase the male libido without interfering with serum testosterone levels.

  • Ashwagandha

Heralded by Ayurvedic medicine as a potent aphrodisiac, recent studies prove that Ashwagandha root extract can help with sexual weakness, erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety, all of which may affect a guy’s libido. So, by improving your diminished sexual drive, this herbal supplement is a surefire way to get rid of low in the most natural way possible.

  • Ginseng

Often referred to as the king of all herbs, ginseng is also reputed as a natural aphrodisiac, helping men treat erectile dysfunction as well as enhance their overall sexual function. In fact, research shows that this plant can positively affect a guy’s libido and copulatory performance. That mainly occurs because ginseng influences various libido-related hormones such as the follicle stimulating and luteinizing hormones and testosterone.

  • Saffron

For years now, saffron (the thread-like, dark red spice) has been recommended by traditional practitioners as an aphrodisiac agent. Thanks to one of its most active constituents, crocin, saffron can reportedly increase male libido. However, further research is necessary to support the study’s findings and confidently establish whether this spice can genuinely boost a man’s sex drive or it’s all just a myth.


  • Don’t Exercise Too Much

If the gym feels like home to you, then it’s definitely time to take a step back. Don’t get us wrong; working out is great for a man’s body and mental sharpness. However, exercising too much may cause a massive drop in your sex drive. According to a 2017 study, exposing yourself to intense physical activity for a long time is associated with post-exercise tiredness which prevents many from getting frisky with their partners. So, try and take as many rest days as possible to avoid burning out. Your partner will appreciate it!

  • Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol and libido don’t get along, that’s a given. In fact, drinking too much of our favorite boozy drinks is likely to reduce our sexual responses, from erection to ejaculation. That’s why it’s best to avoid alcohol as much as possible or at least, consume it in moderation.

  • Reduce Stress

Nothing kills a sexy vibe quite like a stressful deadline or long business phone calls. Stress is often considered one of the most common libido buzzkills, affecting more and more people every year. A great way to claim back your lost sex drive is to get rid of stress. So, when you feel overwhelmed, take deep breaths (heads up, this technique reduces cortisol levels) and try to distance yourself from the real stressors as much as possible, whether that’s work or specific people.

  • Sleep Well

According to experts, sleep disorders may have a massive impact on a guy’s sexual desire. Specifically, one study reports that erectile dysfunction is prevalent in guys who struggle with sleep disorders. By association, that means that you can treat a low libido merely by sleeping as much as needed. So, you may need to think again before you trade an hour of your sleep for an hour of pointless TV binge-watching.

  • Address Any Relationship Issues

Sometimes the solution to a problem may be as simple as it gets. So, in case of a low libido, make sure you check the single thing that affects a guy’s sex drive the most, a.k.a. the quality of his relationship. In fact, if there are any underlying issues between you and your partner, your libido is usually the first one to pay the price. So, take the time to talk things through with your partner and reclaim your lost desire for sex.

The Takeaway

Considering our hectic lifestyles and busy schedules, it’s no wonder that many of us get to experience low libido symptoms at some point in our lives. However, there are ways to address the issue and (why not?) reverse its effects on our everyday life. From eating all the right foods to making much-needed lifestyle changes, these 23 suggestions guarantee to rev up your sex drive as naturally as possible.

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