Signs Of High Testosterone

Better known for increasing libido and muscle gains, testosterone needs no introduction. This sex hormone is primarily linked to men, shaping most of their physical traits and even behavioral characteristics. After all, it’s named after one of the most defining parts of the male body, the testes.

But, much like most hormones in the human body, producing too much of the thing results in distinct physiological changes which can be either good or bad. So, what happens to your body when you get an extra drop of testosterone? Here are eight distinct signs of high testosterone in men.

Optimal Testosterone in Men – The Need-to-Know

While testosterone is one of the hottest topics in the fitness world, most scientists still don’t have a definite answer as to when testosterone levels should be considered healthy and normal. In fact, different testing labs use different methods to measure T levels which result in confusion and lots of mistakes, to say the least.

Luckily, scientists have agreed to describe the average testosterone levels using certain values which range anywhere from 300 to 1.000 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). Then again, since these values are still not conclusive, it’s best to opt for optimal -not average- testosterone levels.

How can you determine which are the optimal testosterone levels for you? That is a tricky question considering every man is different. So, for some, 600 ng/dL of testosterone are enough to do the trick. But, for some others, 900 ng/dL of testosterone or perhaps more are required to experience the various benefits of this sex hormone.

A good rule of thumb for the optimal threshold is when you feel energized enough to perform various tasks. But, if you want to check whether the way you feel matches optimal T levels, then you should take a test and consult an expert.

8 Symptoms of High Testosterone in Men

  1. More Facial and Body Hair

Have you ever wondered why men grow so much hair while women don’t? It all lies on testosterone. More specifically, the male body produces DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which is an androgen even more potent than testosterone, hence the increased hair growth.

At the same time, an enzyme, known as 5-a reductase, converts testosterone into DHT, making men more hairy than usual. So, long story short, men with high testosterone levels have high DHT levels and tend to grow more hair.

However, this is not the case for anyone with high testosterone levels. In fact, some men don’t have enough of the enzyme in their body and, thus, can’t produce enough DHT. So, a thick beard is not always a sign of high testosterone in men.

  1. Defined Jawline

Another definite sign of high testosterone in men is a strong and defined jawline. According to research, testosterone, as well as its derivatives, increase a guy’s bone density. As a result, bones grow wider, a trait which is especially visible in a man’s jawbone with those sharp edges and widened lines. In fact, one recent study concludes that high levels of T in men result in more male-like characteristics such as the growth of cheekbones and chin and the lengthening of the lower face. And if you don’t believe us, take pro athletes, for example.

  1. Male-Pattern Baldness

Despite to common belief, hair loss is a subtle sign of high testosterone in men. That mainly occurs because male-pattern baldness is linked to high DHT levels. More specifically, the distribution of androgens such as testosterone and its potent derivative DHT is low in some parts of a man’s head, especially in the front.

  1. Faster Muscle Growth

If you spend enough time at the gym, then you know that you can’t build muscle without testosterone. This sex hormone is specifically designed to promote the synthesis of muscle protein which is responsible for repairing any muscle micro-tears after intense physical activity. Men with naturally high testosterone levels tend to grow muscle mass faster than the average Joe considering they are likely to produce more muscle protein.

  1. Increased Sex Drive

High libido is yet another science-backed sign of high testosterone in men. For years now, scientists have been researching the effect of T on the male sex drive, and the results are more than obvious. The higher the testosterone levels, the more men want to get between the sheets. At the same time, guys with high testosterone levels tend to experience more frequent erections.

  1. More Aggressive Behaviour

While the behavior is influenced by a variety of factors, science proves that hormones may have a substantial impact on a man’s overall attitude. In fact, one study shows that testosterone and aggressive behavior are the same. However, things may only get out of hand when testosterone levels are too high. This aggression-centered side may manifest in multiple ways, from being highly competitive and verbally hostile to pursuing dominance over other people through physical violence.

  1. Deeper Voice

Another clear sign of high testosterone in men revolves around the depth of a man’s voice. Research suggests that males with high levels of androgens circulating throughout their body tend to have deeper voices than those with average T concentration. That mainly occurs because vocal organs are highly sensitive to androgens and testosterone, in particular.

  1. Wider Shoulders

As mentioned above, when the concentration of serum testosterone increases in a man’s body, so does bone density. That is especially obvious in certain parts of the male body such as the shoulders. But, there’s a reason for that. Shoulder bones and muscles are known for their large concentration of androgen receptors.

So, if you have too much of the hormone in your body, chances are most of it will make its way to your shoulders to attach to the receptors. The takeaway? Men with high testosterone levels tend to have wider shoulders than usual. What’s more, shoulder muscles

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Final Thoughts

The results are in: Testosterone is what makes a man… well, a man. And while having too much of the thing makes you look more masculine than usually, it’s always best to keep it at bay as much as possible. After all, optimal testosterone levels (not high) are the ones to benefit your overall health the most.

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