12 High Estrogen Symptoms You Simply Shouldn’t Ignore

Although somewhat expected, we often associate estrogen with everything that has to do with the female body. From bloating and moodiness to insomnia and fatigue, estrogen is usually the one to take the blame.

However, much like testosterone, estrogen is gender-free and present in both men and women. It’s just that women tend to have higher amounts of this hormone floating around in their body than dudes do. But, what happens to both of them when estrogen levels are more than the body can handle?

Common Causes of High Estrogen Symptoms

Estrogen levels don’t go through the roof for no reason at all. According to experts, a variety of medical conditions or everyday habits may trigger hormonal imbalance which leads to high estrogen levels. But, let’s take a look at which conditions are tied to this hormonal burst:

  • Diabetes

  • High Blood Pressure

  • High-Fat Diet/Obesity

  • Birth Control Pill/Medication

  • Alcohol Overconsumption

  • Foods High in Phytoestrogens such as Soy

  • Stress/Anxiety

7 High Estrogen Symptoms in Women

While estrogen fluctuates throughout a woman’s life, things are always a tad more unstable around particular events such as pregnancy, the beginning of menstruation and menopause. During these times the body’s hormones are part of an ongoing seesaw where testosterone and estrogen are struggling to strike a balance.

However, this doesn’t mean that estrogen levels won’t go nuts whenever something is off with the body or your habits (check above).

  • Weight Gain

That is probably the most common high estrogen symptom in the book. According to one study, as soon as your metabolic status changes due to a variety of environmental factors, your metabolic rate changes as well. But, with this change comes a reduce in the utilization of calories which leads to weight gain. But, that’s not all.

Weight gain and excess estrogen have a love-hate relationship going on. Estrogen is produced in fat cells. So the more estrogen your body produces, the more fat cells it needs to latch on. So, the hormone forces your body to increase the fat cell count.

  • Mood Swings

“Agitated depression” is the term some experts use to describe the feelings women experience when estrogen levels pile up. A mix of anxiety and depression results in violent mood outbreaks such as panic attacks.

  • Low Sex Drive

Word on the street is that the female sex drive is diminished when estrogen levels are low. However, the same change also affects women whose bodies produces too much of the hormone. Of course, further research is necessary.

  • Migraines/Headaches

A predominantly female condition, headaches tend to worsen when estrogen levels are significantly increased. According to one study, it’s normal for women to suffer from headaches as their progesterone/estrogen balance is way off.

  • Hair Fall Out

This high estrogen symptom is rather sad. As you know our body is designed to shed hair anyway but things take a turn for the worse when progesterone and estrogen levels are out of whack.

  • Cold Hands and Feet

Even though the reason behind this high estrogen symptom is not entirely clear, many claim that it’s poor blood circulation that results in cold hands and feet. After all, normal levels of estrogen are linked to healthy circulation. So, this adverse symptom doesn’t come as a surprise.

  • Gradual Memory Loss

According to multiple studies, low estrogen and memory loss (even Alzheimer’s disease) are connected somehow. However, experts also claim that there is high chance women start forgetting things even if estrogen levels skyrocket.

5 High Estrogen Symptoms in Men

Men are also likely to get affected by elevated estrogen levels. But how does this increase translate into symptoms?

  • Sexual Dysfunction

High estrogen levels elicit a variety of physiological responses which mainly affect a man’s sexual function, from fewer morning erections to low libido.

  • Lower Urinary Tract Problems

One study proves that males with an abnormal ratio of estrogens to androgens in men may cause a variety of issues in the lower urinary tract such as benign prostatic hyperplasia.

  • Fatigue

Fatigue isn’t a good look on anyone and, unfortunately, excess estrogen is all about that.

  • Muscle Loss/Abdominal Fat

As high estrogen is a hormone depending on fat cells to get by, it’s quite normal for lean mass to get diminished and abdominal fat to build up.

  • Diabetes

It is quite likely for individuals with chronically increased estrogen levels to develop diabetes as the body’s metabolic responses deteriorate day after day.

The Takeaway

Even though estrogen plays a significant role in several functions in both the male and female body, things can get ugly rather quickly when the hormone’s concentration is beyond average. So, as soon as any of these symptoms hits the scene out of nowhere, make sure you consult a doctor. Thankfully, high estrogen symptoms are entirely reversible.

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