Tribulus Alatus and Testosterone

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Are you in a rut with your fitness goals and looking to fix them? Well in this article we will explain to you what exactly is Tribulus Alatus and what it does to your body. We will also explain its correlation with testosterone. At the end of the article we will reveal the best tribulus alatus supplement you can take.


Aspiring bodybuilders and athletes are always on their toes when it comes to supplements that can boost their performance and give them an edge at the gym.

Specifically, some of the most popular muscle-building products are those which include tribulus extracts as supplementary ingredients.

Research has shown that this substance (as a supportive ingredient in an advanced supplement blend) comes with amazing benefits to those who seek to boost their testosterone levels ( also refer to ZMA for vitamins and minerals that boost your levels if your deficient) One of the most crowd-pleasing Tribulus varieties is Tribulus Alatus.

Tribulus is a herb with extensive medicinal properties. In particular, some people use it to treat certain ailments such as kidney stones, eczema, psoriasis, high blood pressure and cholesterol, vertigo, joint pain and constipation, even cancer. These medicinal properties are attributed to chemicals that affect the secretion of hormones inside your body.

In some cases, Tribulus is used to enhance athletic performance. However, research so far suggests that taking this substance doesn’t boost overall performance in athletes. As a result, Tribulus is subjected to polar opposite reactions. It suffices to say that more research is needed before this substance is deemed 100% effective for athletes and bodybuilders.

What Is Tribulus Alatus?

Fad herbal supplements come and go, but the Tribulus Alatus variety grows strong within the fitness

community. Most bodybuilders and athletes are familiar with its distant cousin, Tribulus Terrestris. However, few are aware that T-Alatus may be more efficient than its relative.

This supplement flourishes in the Sahara desert and Middle Eastern regions. As far as its composition is concerned, it consists of six saponins and shows promise as a testosterone booster due to its anabolic response. Based on this fact, studies have proven that this substance can increase your strength and endurance and help you undergo more intense and longer workout sessions.

However, you should know that these results are based on research where the subjects were rats. So, it is still a bit unclear whether this supplement can have testosterone-boosting abilities to humans.

Tribulus & Testosterone

I think we’ll both agree that having more testosterone is always better. Another benefit of Tribulus Alatus has to do with its general testosterone-boosting abilities. The compound increases androgen levels that are ideal for boosting strength and endurance. Increased androgens are also the reason behind optimized libido in men. If your looking to Boost your testosterone levels than

That is why this supplement is also famous as a libido herbal booster. In particular, men who take T-Alatus demonstrate signs of increased libido and athletic performance whereas women just enhance their stamina and promote their muscle growth.

Health Benefits

The first most important and scientifically proved benefit of this compound is that it works as a Glutathione booster. Glutathione is a natural antioxidant which helps your body get rid of free radicals and prevents inflammation. At the same time, this antioxidant is also known for augmenting muscle recovery after an intense workout.

The Best Tribulus Alatus Supplements

Finding the ideal T-Alatus supplement is not easy. Nowadays, there are countless products which include this extract but are no good for your health at the end of the day. After thorough online research, we came down to the following two options.

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