Suma Root and Testosterone

Flip through the pages of any fitness magazine and, judging by all the attention regarding supplements, it appears that building muscle mass and supplementation go hand in hand. And this fact is not only true, but it also supported by numerous studies. However, some supplements, especially the natural ones, often fly past the radar and are underestimated, to say the least. Suma root is one of those supplementing substances.

But what exactly is Suma extract, and when it comes to supplementation why is it worth your attention? Does it have anything to do with boosting testosterone levels? Read on and find out why Suma extract stands apart from the rest of its kind.

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What is Suma Root? The Need-To-Κnow

Originating from the Amazonian rainforests, Suma root is a potent adaptogenic herb deriving straight from a native vine. Being a powerful adaptogen means that this super-herb helps your body adapt to stress through the improvement of your immune system once consumed.

Suma root also goes by numerous nicknames such as Pfaffia Paniculata (PP) and Brazilian Ginseng. However, the most attention-grabbing nickname is “Russian Secret”. Back in 1976, Syrov -a Russian scientist- managed to extract a compound known as ecdysterone straight from the plant. Later on, it was proven that this compound could boost physical performance.

Suma Root and Testosterone

On a first look, Suma root bodybuilding seem to have nothing in common. However, this couldn’t be far from the truth. In recent years, PP has come under heavy scrutiny to find out whether this super-herb can affect testosterone levels. Fortunately for athletes and bodybuilders worldwide, scientists come with some great news.

Suma root is abundant in nutrients which account for the broad range of benefits it delivers. To name a few, PP contains vitamins and minerals, steroidal saponins, plant sterols, pfaffic acids, pantheonic acid, steroidal glycosides and much more. But perhaps the most important nutrient in the mix is beta-ecdysterone. According to one study, this phytochemical is labeled as a potent anabolic agent which promotes muscle mass gains in athletes and bodybuilders.

  • The Patent Application In 1995

According to the patent application in 1995, experts extracted and isolated compounds of the Suma root for therapeutic purposes. In fact, PP extract prevents the red blood cell sickling. What does this have to do with testosterone? As long as red blood cell count increases, so do testosterone levels.

  • What Does Science Have To Say?

In 2003, a group of scientists performed a study to determine whether testosterone is increased after the consumption of water infused with Suma root extract. The rodent objects of this study who had been consuming the infused water showed a significant increase in their testosterone, progesterone and estradiol levels compared to the control group. To top that, no adverse reactions were evident along the 30 days during which the study was conducted. That suggests that consuming Suma powder for extended periods of time is actually safe. However, further research is needed as this study was not performed on humans taking a toll on its credibility.

Suma Root Benefits

Testosterone aside, Suma root is considered to affect the body in many other ways. In fact, between boosting your energy levels, enhancing libido and much more, Suma root can be the answer to many health issues.

  1. Natural Energy Booster

As mentioned earlier, Suma root contains numerous vitamins including vitamins A, B, E and K. At the same time, this super-herb is rich in electrolytes which play a significant role in revitalizing your energy after strenuous activity. In fact, one study confirms that providing your body with enough vitamins and minerals helps athletes to boost their energy rather quickly. So, combined with water, PP turns into an excellent natural energy drink.

  1. Boosts Skin Health

Suma root is also jam packed with antioxidants. These along with the rest of the nutrients have the power to protect your skin against the harmful UV sun rays. In other words, you protect your skin against aging, discoloration and cancer development. Based on one study, Suma powder is also the solution to dark circles under the eyes. Through its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, PP prevents the hemodynamic congestion around the eyes.

  1. Prevents Cancer

Even though there is not enough scientific evidence to back this up, preliminary research proves that Suma root induces breast cancer cell death. In the light of this results, further research is necessary.

  1. Suma Root Bodybuilding

Known in the fitness community for its potential ergogenic value, supplementing on ecdysterone through Suma root enhances muscle anabolism and catabolism in resistance-trained athletes, according to one study. In other words, athletes and bodybuilders who supplement on Suma herb promote gains in muscle mass and strength.

The Final Verdict

When it comes to a Suma root supplements, it can deliver something for everyone. From boosting your energy to amping up your testosterone, the benefits are undeniable. However, it is also worth noting that just because it’s easy to chug a drink infused with Suma root extract, it doesn’t mean it should be your only choice for enhancing your male hormone. In fact, check out the best testosterone supplement.

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