Protodioscin: Your One-Way Ticket To Muscle Growth


It is common truth among regular gym-goers and aspiring bodybuilders that increased testosterone levels and muscle growth go side by side. As a result, testosterone boosters have turned into a one-way street to tackle natural testosterone decline and promote your muscle growth.

The market options nowadays are countless. If you “Google” testosterone boosters, thousands of products that promise to boost your testosterone levels will pop up. However, there are a handful of proven and powerful testosterone boosters that thrive within the bodybuilding community, with Protodioscin being one of them as well as ZMA ( if your deficient in certain vitamins).

What Is Protodioscin?

Protodioscin is a steroidal saponin that naturally occurs in certain plant varieties. Specifically, Protodioscin is the primary and the most active ingredient of the herb Tribulus Terrestris. Over the last decade, Protodioscin has successfully hit the supplement shelves of numerous fitness and health shops around the world by being a crucial part of Tribulus Terrestris supplements. Protodioscin and, thus, Tribulus Terrestris users also claim that these two substances boost muscle growth and libido significantly.


Protodioscin And Muscle Growth

As mentioned earlier, Protodioscin can increase your testosterone levels. Specifically, it promotes the release of Nitric Oxide which is known for its antioxidant properties. In its turn, this substance increases the blood flow to muscles enabling better use of nutrients such as protein.

At the same time, Protodioscin (contained in Tribulus Terrestris supplements) stimulates the pituitary gland. According to experts, this stimulation results in producing Luteinising Hormone (LH) which promotes testosterone levels.

In both case scenarios, Protodioscin ends up increasing your testosterone levels and endorsing your muscle growth.

Protodioscin And Libido

Supplements that contain Protodioscin have proven to have an aphrodisiac effect on several animal species. Specifically, Protodioscin makes your body more sensitive to androgens such as testosterone by releasing Nitric Oxide in nerve endings from erectile-related tissues. However, the scientific evidence on the Protodioscin and libido correlation are still not conclusive. But, the research lines in vitro and looks quite assuring of this theory so far.


Protodioscin And Variety

Tribulus Terrestris is the single herb with the highest Protodioscin concentration in the world. But, what drives our attention to this herb is that this concentration varies according to the part of the world it originates from. As a result, Tribulus Terrestris roots that come from Bulgaria and Turkey are incredibly rich in Protodioscin whereas China, Vietnam and India roots have lower Protodioscin concentrations.

Protodioscin And Supplements

Protodioscin is one of those substances that cannot be found in individual supplements. That is why you can track down numerous supplements that contain this substance and whose content varies. So, when you look for supplements with Protodioscin, make sure you choose the ones with a standardized level of 20% and up. Also, be sure to follow the exact dosage recommendations of the individual supplement. Check out other articles about testosterone boosting supplements such as aspartic acid.


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