Pine Pollen and Testosterone

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In this article you will look what exactly is pine pollen and what effects it has on your testosterone.  We will also explain how this supplement is used in the bodybuilding world and other health benefits from using this supplement. On the other side we will also explain the side effects from using this supplement. Finally we will wrap it up by exposing a safe pine pollen supplement for you to view such as the one listed below.

This is a man’s world. Whether we like it or not, nature is packed with high-quality testosterone boosters which offer an easy way out of the confusing -and sometimes expensive- process of supplement shopping. Every single one of them brings something different to the table, but pine pollen (PP) literally has it all.

Despite conjuring up images of sneezing and allergies, this supplement is all about boosting your T levels. In fact, pines and their pollen are one of the very few plants out there to contain actual male hormones in them. So, is it worth the hype? Can it really enhance your athletic performance and boost your male vitality? Read on and find out everything about pine pollen and testosterone.

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What is Pine Pollen?

As the name implies, pine pollen is a term used to refer to supplements which use pollen from pine trees as their primary ingredient. However, not all pine pollen is created equal. According to research, some tree varieties actually contain more testosterone than others. Given that, Scots Pine is considered the most testosterone-friendly source of pine pollen these days.

The sad part, though, is that this type of supplements is heavily neglected by science. As a result, there is not enough research to back up any claims related to testosterone such as muscle growth, increased libido and burning fat efficiently.

Pine Pollen and Testosterone

Even though further research is necessary, pine pollen and testosterone go hand in hand. In fact, pine pollen contains actual male hormones (testosterone, etc.) and not mimetic substances like most plants out there. According to one study, PP contains 80 ng of testosterone, 110 ng of epitestosterone and 590 ng of androstenedione in one gram.

It’s obvious that the testosterone concentration in pine pollen is too low to make a difference on an anabolic level. Plus, the steroids found in there are subjected to glucuronidation which practically means that they are more water-soluble than usual and are likely to exit the body through urine. So, how come pine pollen is considered a rich source of testosterone?

  • Think of the Ratios

Let’s think of it this way: If one gram of pine pollen powder contains 80 nanograms of pure testosterone, then 100 grams of the supplement hold about 8.000 nanograms of the male hormone. This piece of information seems irrelevant on its own, right?

But, if we take into account that a guy with average testosterone levels has about 1.000 nanograms of free testosterone roaming throughout his body, the 8.000 nanograms of the hormone found in pollen can change your hormone health for the better.

  • The Digestive Track

Low T concentration aside, there’s still one issue you need to address when it comes to pine pollen. The supplement’s molecules are quite sensitive. So, chances are your stomach will take them down in no time. No wonder most of them have zero chances of making it to your bloodstream, especially if we’re talking about orally administered pine pollen.

Luckily, there’s another way to sneak pine pollen’s androgens into your body: the mucous membranes in your mouth. According to one study, men can increase their partner’s testosterone levels simply by kissing. The science behind this fact claims that the mucous membranes in the mouth have the ability to absorb hormones quickly enough to enter your bloodstream.

Even though there are no studies to back up this approach, this idea suggests that taking pine pollen tincture allows the mucous membranes in your mouth to absorb the androgens.

Pine Pollen and Bodybuilding

If you spend enough time at the gym, then you’ve heard stories about how pine pollen not only boosts your athletic performance but also helps you build some serious muscle. While increasing testosterone levels may play a role in this, the muscle-building effects of pine pollen are mostly attributed to its rich nutritional profile.

Experts claim that PP contains bio-active protein, lots of vitamins and minerals and a hefty dose of fatty acids, all of which contribute to increased energy and athletic performance. On top of that, pine pollen is also packed with amino acids which are the building blocks of protein and promote muscle recovery after an intense workout.

Pine Pollen Benefits

Besides increasing testosterone levels, pine pollen also benefits your health in a variety of ways, from reducing inflammation to treating arthritis.

  • Inflammation

When foreign organisms make their way into our systems, our body has no choice but to destroy them as quickly as possible. However, when the body doesn’t have enough “ammo” to bring down these harmful substances, inflammation sets in.

Antioxidants are the single most effective way to deal with this issue, and they’re usually part of certain foods. One recent study concludes that the ethanol extract of pine pollen is swamped with antioxidants which significantly reduce inflammation by regulating the adverse effect of macrophages.

  • Arthritis

Affecting more than 54 million people worldwide, arthritis is a disorder with a variety of unpleasant symptoms, from pain to swelling and stiffness in and around the joints. Research proves that this supplement is a viable solution to the discomfort associated with arthritis. In fact, PP minimizes swelling in and around the joints by inhibiting the production of inflammatory cytokines.

Possible Side Effects of Pine Pollen

Pine pollen supplements are usually made from parts of the plant which contain the most allergens. So, if you are allergic to pine (or think you are, anyway), it’s best to steer clear from such supplements and opt for other natural testosterone boosters.


At first sight, pine pollen powder doesn’t seem like a sustainable way to increase testosterone levels. However, what seems insignificant on paper can actually make a huge difference, considering the total amount of androgens in the male body. So, don’t be quick to judge pine pollen supplements solely based on raw data.

Plus, the protein, amino acids and minerals hiding in one scoop of PP can also improve your performance and take you one step closer to your muscle-building goals. But, there’s one catch: always remember to consume pine pollen tincture for maximum results.

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