Muira Puama and Testosterone: Boost Your T-Levels and Libido in One Simple Move

These days we see all sorts of supplementation products trumpeting their testosterone content enough to help you become the next Vin Diesel in a matter of days. However, between flashy labels, dubious “special” blends and questionable manufacturing process, it’s no surprise that even seasoned fitness pros opt for natural testosterone boosters with Muira Puama being one of the top choices.

But, apart from being a potent testosterone booster, Muira Puama is also known for its aphrodisiac properties, hence the nickname “Viagra of the Amazon”. But, let’s unlock the secrets of this Amazonian testosterone goldmine and let sensationalism play second fiddle to scientific evidence and not vice versa.

What Is Muira Puama?

Muira Puama, also known as “Potency Wood” or “Ptychopetalum Olacoides”, is a plant that may grow up to 50 feet tall and is native to the Brazilian territory of Amazon. Indigenous Brazilian tribes have been using the said plant to treat various conditions, anything from an upset stomach or rheumatism to low libido. Usually, the bark and the root of Muira Puama are the parts used to create effective over-the-counter supplements.

Muira Puama And Testosterone

As mentioned earlier, certain parts of the Muira Puama plant are being used for their surprising effects on the human body. The bark and the roots of the said plant are jam packed with numerous ergogenic compounds such as alkaloids, beta-sitosterol, and muirapuamines. According to one study, substances like these -especially alkaloids- are linked to enhanced physical performance unless you combine them with caffeine. In fact, this study suggests that aside from its aphrodisiac fame, Muira Puama can be used as an effective testosterone booster since it can boost muscular strength, maximize your oxygen intake and help you maintain a normal fuel homeostasis. Sounds like the ideal testosterone booster to us!

But, the connection between Muira Puama and testosterone goes deeper than that. Another recent study which actually revolves around the aphrodisiac properties of Muira Puama suggests that the plant has lots of potential in increasing your testosterone levels. How come? According to this study, Muira Puama along with other potent substances such as ginger can reverse the development of muscle loss in the human body. By doing so, especially in men, certain testosterone-producing organs such as the genitals keep producing the hormone as they are still active.

Muira Puama And Libido

The aphrodisiac properties of Muira Puama are actually the ones that are more popular within the fitness community. Even though the scientific evidence backing up this statement is scarce, being used for thousands of years by native Brazilian tribes proves exactly what studies -even if they are few- have shown so far.

Back in 2000, Waynberg and Brewer -two prominent sexologists- performed a study in which they examined the effects of Muira Puama in 202 premenopausal and postmenopausal women on their libido. The results confirm what experience has proved so far. In 65% of the women participating in the study showed statistically significant improvements in their libido. In fact, they claimed to have a more sexual desire, engage more willingly in intercourse and sexual fantasies than before as well as enjoying more the whole sexual act.

In 1994, the same scientist (Waynberg) performed another study around Muira Puama’s aphrodisiac properties, this time revolving around men. After administrating male participants with the plant’s extract, up to 60% of men with low libido showed a significant change in their sexual behavior while 50% of men with poor erection improved their erectile function. (Source)

The Final Verdict

Even though Muira Puama lacks the scientific research to back up the testosterone claims, it shows great promise in this area as well as boosting your libido. Being rich in pro-testosterone compounds and substances that promote erectile function, Muira Puama is a high-performing plant straight from Mother Nature. One thing is for sure, though! We are looking forward to more human studies about the effects of Muira Puama on male testosterone to put an end to assumptions. Refer to Suma Root for other potential testosterone

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