Ginger and Testosterone: Why You Should Root For Ginger Root

From the semi-expected to the bizarre, ginger has been used to combat various ailments throughout the centuries. Also known as ginger root, chefs worldwide also use this natural plant to boost their culinary creations. But, there is one use which is not that common but shows ginger’s high-powered potential. We are talking about fitness supplements and the fact that ginger has a reputation for being a potent testosterone booster. But, let’s find out why you should root for ginger root if you want to see those muscles popping even more.

Ginger: The Need-To-Know

Pungent, aromatic, spicy, full of flavor. These are just some of the adjectives people use to describe ginger, known as Zingiber Officinale in the scientific community. Some even claim it’s a distant cousin to turmeric and cardamom. Being one of the most popular and potent spices/plants on the planet, ginger originates from China and is jam packed with many nutrients as well as bioactive compounds which can benefit both your body and brain.

Ginger also contains gingerol, a powerful active constituent which comes with potent medicinal properties. Gingerol’s favorable toxicity profile may be responsible for treating anything from arthritis to suppressing the development of cancerous cells.

Ginger Testosterone: A Dynamic Duo

Ailments aside, experts also claim that ginger incresse testosterone levels. Based on one recent rodent study, the effect ginger’s alcoholic extract on sperm parameters and ginger for testosterone levels is put to the test for 48 consecutive days. In fact, the scientists behind this study examined 50 rats which were divided into two groups. The first one served as a control group while the rats of the second one were orally administrated ginger extract in increased doses as the study kept going.

As the study came to an end, the scientists concluded that ginger boosts testosterone levels. That occurs due to the following two functions. On the one hand, the said study proves that ginger extract can increase the testicular volume. On the other side, it can also protect the male genitals against toxicity produced by aluminum chloride. If we combine these two parameters, it all comes down to increased sperm motility and quality. If you don’t know this by now, the more increased your sperm motility, the more testosterone your body produces.

However, the said study points out that this change in testosterone levels is entirely dependent on the doses administrated. As mentioned earlier, scientists administered the ginger extract in graded doses. As a result, the effects are highly dependent on how much ginger was orally administered.

But, scientists didn’t stop there. Another study also attempts to explore whether there is any connection between ginger and testosterone. The 2014 study was also performed on rats, and this time scientists wanted to determine the effect of ginger and cinnamon on spermatogenesis in diabetic rats. The thought behind this study is that diabetes is linked to low testosterone levels. So, is there a chance that ginger may reverse the flat markers in testosterone? What was the final verdict of this study?

According to the results, ginger and its active compounds can positively affect the sperm motility and viability as well as the levels of Leutinizing Hormone (LH) in the male body. On a side note, LH triggers the production of testosterone’s Leydig cells. In other words, consuming ginger promotes the production of testosterone in the male body. You should remember, though, that both studies were not performed on human subjects rather than rodents. So, we are not quite sure whether ginger is effective in humans.

How Much Ginger Is Too Much?

Even though no studies point out to a recommended quota for daily consumption, experts usually suggest users should consume no more than 100mg/kg daily. Since ginger is a natural booster, the chances of developing adverse effects are scarce. However, insignificant side effects such as heartburn, diarrhea and tummy trouble have been reported when excess doses of ginger are consumed. Studies also don’t discriminate when it comes to the form in which ginger is used. No matter if you consume it in fresh or dried form, there is no evidence that the type affects the function.

The Final Verdict

If you are interested in getting or maintaining your muscular strength while increasing your testosterone levels in the most natural way possible, then ginger is a great place to start. Even though none of the studies -at least, up until now- show direct effects on the human body, the experiential evidence behind this natural testosterone booster leave little room for doubt. Your only concern should be the recommended dosage. It’s a shame ending up with heartburn or an upset stomach just because you overindulged that one day.

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