What On Earth is Ursolic Acid (And Should I be Taking It?)

As a healthy eater and a regular gym-goer, you probably know a thing or two about protein, carbs, and fats. But our guess is that there is one nutritional element you haven’t given much though to: Ursolic Acid (UA). Even if you are not familiar with the role it plays in your body, Ursolic Acid is a key factor in your overall well-being. But, still what on earth is it?

If you take the time to Google the term, you are likely to get a ming-boggling answer about pentacyclic triterpenoid, but luckily the answer is much simpler than that. Read along and find out everything you need to know about Ursolic acid as we break down all the technical jargon.

What Is Ursolic Acid?

Ursolic acid is part of the pentacyclic triterpenoids family and, according to research, is potent enough to promote the synthesis of complete bioactive derivatives such as antitumor agents. Performing multiple biological activities including anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation etc. (check below), UA is found in many natural plants and herbs. Think apple peels, cranberries, rosemary, oregano, sage, thyme, prunes, basil and many more.

How Ursolic Acid Benefits Your Health

Why the big fuss about UA all of a sudden? In the recent years, scientists have been performing in vitro studies (on cells outside the human body) which indicate that this compound comes with important benefits for the human body.

  • Prevents Cancer

According to one study, Ursolic Acid can inhibit the development of cancerous cells by suppressing inflammatory biomarkers which are linked to metastasis and proliferation. In fact, the study proves that patients with pancreatic cancer have excellent chances of coping with the disease when administered with the compound.

  • Suppresses Inflammation

By containing various inflammatory triggers while promoting the function of genes known for their inflammation regulatory properties, this acid is the answer to those who suffer from inflammation disorders, according to one study.

  • Increases Energy Expenditure

On top of other benefits, this potent compound is also popular in the fitness community for increasing your energy levels. In other words, one study proves that consuming ursolic acid promotes your exercise capacity and stamina making you perform better at the gym.

  • Promotes Skeletal Muscle Growth

The same study also indicates that supplementing your diet with UA enhances your skeletal muscle activity, no matter your weight. In its turn, this activity has a reverse effect on obesity, glucose intolerance and fatty liver disease, all of them conditions linked to excess weight.

Does Ursolic Acid Hide Any Side Effects?

As happens with every new supplement in the industry, reviewers and users are split into two groups. In fact, some people think Ursolic Acid is the next big thing in the supplement industry for bodybuilders and athletes, while some others are hesitant of its capacity considering this compound hasn’t been tested on human to date. The truth is that most athletes supplementing on UA not only have they not experienced any adverse effects, but instead they notice significant increase in energy, weight loss and muscle mass gains.

However, studies conclude that you need to be a little cautious when it comes to this substance due to the following two reasons. To begin with, according to research, this substance has an extremely low rate of intestinal absorption. That means that you need to consume enough quantity to see results. At the same time, research suggests that Ursolic Acid may harm DNA’s activity. How is this possible? As mentioned above, UA comes with antitumor properties which induce cell death from the inside. Scientists claim that this may turn into a serious problem down the line. However, supplement cycling is the ideal approach to avoid such concerns.

Why Ursolic Acid Is Worth Your Attention

Although there are not conclusive human studies about the compound’s potential on lean muscle mass gains and weight loss, it has shown early promise in both fields through in vitro and rodent studies. With this in mind, if you are on the lookout for a new supplement and seek to complement an existing muscle-boosting, weight loss routine, this compound is a great place to start.

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