The Truth About Nitric Oxide Supplements

Being fatigued after a gym day sucks! Not only every cell in your body is in pain, but also your brain is not quick to keep up with the workload waiting for you at the office. And let’s be real for a moment when fatigue gets to your system you barely think of hitting the gym anytime soon, right? So, what do you do? You wait until the soreness subsides? Barely! We’re about to spill the beans on a pro-athlete secret which may change your gym progress for good. Yes, we’re talking about nitric oxide (NO) supplements. Check out the Best Nitric Oxide Supplement

No matter whether this is the first time you hear about them or your cabinet is a tribute to nitric oxide supplements, we are here to give science a chance to explain how they work and whether they benefit the body of a regular gym-goer.

Nitric Oxide Supplements: The Need-to-Know

Even though the words “nitric oxide” conjure up images of the funny gas at the dentist’s office or race car fuel, this is the actual case. In fact, nitric oxide is a molecule in the form of gas produced by our body which enables the cells to communicate with each other via individual signals. By being part of primary functions, NO boosts our memory, regulates blood pressure, reduces inflammation, increases strength and endurance and much more.

Despite common belief, nitric oxide supplements don’t contain the gassy molecule. Instead, one of their primary ingredients is arginine, an amino acid which -according to one study– serves as a precursor for the synthesis of nitric oxide. From the on, NO takes over and enhances your performance and strength.

4 Benefits Of Nitric Oxide Supplements

Between increasing recovery rates, improving workout endurance and helping you sculpt those muscles to perfection, nitric oxide supplements are rightfully considered one of the most potent muscle boosters. Let’s see why…

  1. Increased Muscle Growth

According to one study, supplementing on “real NO” increases the circulation of nitrate/nitrite in the blood flow. Why do you care about this? Nitrates are the molecules responsible for the almighty pump as they increase the mitochondrial efficiency. In other words, they are your best shot at increasing your endurance.

But, that’s not the only way nitric oxide supplements benefit your muscle building goals. One study suggests that arginine-packed products such as NO supplements lead up to blood vessel dilation. In its turn, this dilation enables blood to flow rather quickly throughout the body. That not only means that you get to improve your overall performance, but nutrients also get to “travel” more efficiently to your muscles and promote protein synthesis (hello, muscles!).

  1. Increased Recovery Rates

Aside from pumping your muscles, one study suggests that nitric oxide supplements can also help when it comes to soreness after a long day at the gym. As mentioned earlier, blood flow is increased and, thus, more oxygen and nutrients make it to the working muscles. Part of a speedy muscle recovery is that plenty of nutrients reach the muscle tissues. As you recover faster between sessions, you get to workout more frequently and achieve better results.

  1. Increased Energy

An important factor in maintaining a steady stream of energy throughout a workout session is to regulate core temperature balance. However, your body’s temperature is likely to rise substantially during an intense workout session. That translates to your body mechanisms doing their best to cool your tissues and, thus, spend lots of energy instead of distributing this energy to your workout effort. Fortunately, supplementing on NO improves blood flow and spares you the energy.

  1. Increased Glucose Expenditure

Do you want to build those muscles but wouldn’t mind dropping a few pounds as well? Then, nitric oxide supplements got you covered! One study examined the impact of NO on glucose metabolism. Based on the findings, it’s safe to say that NO supplements support the increased use of glucose which leads up to burning fat as fuel if your body runs out of glucose.

The Concerns

However, nobody is perfect, and that applies to nitric oxide supplements as well. Even though one study claims that arginine can increase the production of growth hormone in response to exercise, this doesn’t automatically mean that you get to build more muscle. Why? Yes, growth hormone is known for its anticatabolic potency. The thing is, though, that research doesn’t associate this hormone with increased strength or skeletal muscle growth. So, it all comes down to nothing.

The Final Verdict

No one can argue that science touts the benefits of nitric oxide supplements when it comes to maximizing workout performance. However, even though NO supplements have the ability to help you take things up a notch, they aren’t likely to revolutionize the way you workout as well as the results. In fact, most regular gym-goers who are familiar with this supplement claim that gives you a slight edge which can make a difference only if you push yourself hard enough. Even so, we call it a win.

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