How To Pick The Best Fat Burner To Buy In 5 Easy Steps

Burn fat you say? We want to tell you a secret, it actually doesn’t work like that but we will tell you another secret on how to loose fat!

If you check the bottom we reveal a sweet burner to actually “burn fat”!

Losing weight is probably the single most compelling reason that drives most of us to hit the gym. The cold truth, though, is that losing weight requires hard work, determination, and patience. You know the stuff that people tell you but you don’t want to believe it.

So, as soon as fat burners made their way into the bodybuilding community, most smiled with joy. However, fat burners are – by no means – an easy shortcut. So, those who seek to cut back on their diet and cardio and turn those fat burners a notch are bound to face some major disappointment.

That said, though, it doesn’t mean that fat burners don’t deserve a place in your supplement cabinet. Looking past the distracting ads and ripped fitness models that the supplement market utilizes to draw your attention, you can rise above and find a fat burner that works for you. All you need to do is ask the right questions. So, read along and learn how to pick the best fat burner to buy in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Fat Burner Types

Losing weight is one of those incredibly subjective terms. Each is bound to set different weight loss goals depending on a variety of reasons. That is why you need to get a firm grasp of what your weight loss goal is to pick the best fat burner type to buy.

These are your six options.

  1. Blocking Cortisol Secretion

This type of fat burners is ideal for those who suffer from excessive stress. Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone and has the power of encouraging your body to accumulate fat. So, by consuming a fat burner which blocks cortisol secretion, your body doesn’t feel the need to turn food into fat tissue.

  1. Curbing Your Appetite

It’s always funny how when you have a goal but once you start that goal your body wants to do the opposite. Such as loosing weight, once you tell your mind you want to curb your appetite, your mind tells you to eat more!  Guess what we have a solution!

No matter if you suffer from psychological or actual hunger, you should consider going with fat burners that can suppress your appetite.

Supposedly, the single ingredient that is responsible for this “miraculous” effect on your appetite is Hoodia. So, if insatiable hunger sounds like an issue you deal with on a daily basis, then fat burners that can curb your appetite are a one-way street.

  1. Thermogenic Fat Burners

That is probably the most popular type of fat burners nowadays. Thermogenic fat burners contain substances such as caffeine and ephedrine which stimulate your metabolic rate and, thus, body temperature. As your body temperature climbs, your calorie numbers go down.

  1. Blocking Fat Accumulation

This type of fat burners prevents your body from breaking down, digesting and absorbing the fat calories you receive through food. The ingredient that makes all of this possible is Chitosan, and it attaches to the fat before your body absorbs it.

  1. Blocking Carbohydrate Accumulation

Carb-rich foods are the ultimate nightmare for those who want to lose weight. Carb blockers work in the same way that fat blockers do by impeding carbs to be accumulated by your body.

  1. Regulating Thyroid Hormones

Thyroid hormone imbalance can be one of the main reasons why your metabolic rate slows down or shuts down altogether. So, this type of fat burners aims to jumpstart your thyroid and, thus, help you promote your metabolic rate.

Step 2: Fat Burners With Proven And Asserted Ingredients

Numerous companies develop their weight loss products with one goal in mind: to pique your interest and make a greater profit. As a result, some of them claim that they contain “breakthrough” ingredients that promise amazing results. However, most of them are not backed up by enough scientific research making them inappropriate for consumption (to say the least).

That doesn’t mean that you should paint with a broad (negative) brush eery single new product, but you’d better research about it well before giving it a shot. Until a new and decent fat burner comes along, you should stick with those that have proven their value over time. On the side note, green tea is reported to be one of the most efficient fat burner ingredients.

Step 3: Price Should Not Be An Issue

No one can say that saving money is a bad thing. However, low product price seems to go side by side with low product quality. By all means, do not take this for granted and scout solely for established (and high-priced) fat burner brands. Just make sure you gravitate towards your greater good and choose a fat burner based on its efficacy and not its price.

Step 4: Long VS Short Ingredient List

Another thing you should consider before picking the best fat burner to buy is the ingredient list. Sometimes, most of us (including myself) choose quantity over quality. As a result, an ingredient list with the length of a weekly grocery list seems enticing and promising. That is not the case. More is not always better since some of them (if not most) are usually preservatives and fillers.

On the other side, a small ingredient list is not promising as well. For example, there are fat burners which claim to contain just caffeine. If that’s the case, why not just drink coffee? So, make sure you choose a fat burner supplement that contains the ingredients that serve your purpose, not your “eye appetite”.

Step 5: Overly Stimulant Fat Burners May Wear You Out

Next (and last) up in this how-to list come the caffeine-rich fat burners. If you insist on taking a fat burner that uses caffeine as its main ingredient, you should keep an eye on your coffee consumption. Yes, there is such thing as “too much coffee”. As a result, you may experience fatigue and your post workout recovery time may reduce significantly. So, make sure you don’t overdose on caffeine and over-stimulate you body.

Try this fat burner, but BE CAREFUL as they are not for everyone!


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