3 Best Magnesium Supplements to Ace Your Nutrition Game

While many of us do our best to look good on the outside and hit the gym as regularly as possible, we often neglect to pay the same attention to everything that has to do with our inside, meaning our nutrition. Perhaps that’s why almost half (48%) of the US population is suffering from magnesium deficiency.

To be honest, these statistics are quite alarming since the mineral is involved in over 300 bodily functions and lack thereof may result in unpleasant symptoms such as muscle cramps, poor digestion, lack of sleep, Type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and anxiety, to name a few.

Are you ready to make the difference and be part of the better half of this magnesium equation? If so, here is everything you need to know about his mineral including the three best magnesium supplements to step up your nutrition game.

What is Magnesium?

Magnesium (Mg) is a mineral which is naturally found in many foods and contributes to more than 300 biochemical functions throughout the human body. From promoting protein synthesis (hello, biceps!) and regulating blood glucose and pressure to supporting the transfer of calcium and potassium across cells, we need magnesium to live a happy and healthy life.

Top Health Benefits of Magnesium

But, what do sufficient amounts of magnesium mean for our health? Let’s countdown the top health benefits of balanced magnesium levels.

  • Type 2 Diabetes

According to one study, magnesium deficiency and type 2 diabetes go hand-in-hand. That occurs because Mg is poorly metabolized given the defective insulin and glucose activity. As a result, regulating magnesium levels in the human body equals to diabetes prevention.

  • High Blood Pressure

Another health problem to occur from low Mg concentration in the human body is high blood pressure. In fact, one study suggests that magnesium supplements serve as natural vasodilators while increasing the amount of nitric oxide running through our veins. Say goodbye to hypertension in the most natural way possible!

  • Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a bone-related disease which practically turns our bones weak and may involve acute pain and fractures. Luckily, magnesium could be an answer to this health issue. Experts claim that Mg deficiency facilitates rupture in bone formation along with resorption which when combined can’t help but result in bone mas wastage. Long story short, stock up on magnesium-rich foods or supplements to prevent osteoporosis.

  • Headache/Migraine

Be it stress, loud noises or intense lightning; it’s hard to pinpoint what is the reason behind the pounding temples. However, the solution is rather easy; magnesium. According to scientists, all migraine patients can be treated with Mg. Why? When the mineral is lacking, the production and release of certain neurotransmitters including serotonin, a.k.a. the “happy” hormone, are significantly decreased. So, the answer to those exhausting headaches lies in one magnesium-rich food or supplementation.

  • Exercise-Induced Muscle Cramps

Whether you are an occasional jogger/weightlifter or a regular gym goer, you know all too well the obnoxious pain that comes with a muscle cramp. Athletes, in particular, flirt with the piercing effect of a muscle cramp everytime they push themselves to the limits.

Thanks to science, we now don’t have to go through this agonizing pain every time we hit the pavement or lift those weights as magnesium is here to save the day.

  • Anxiety/Depression

Depression is a mood disorder which seems to affect more people by the day. In an attempt to treat this condition, experts recommend magnesium supplementation. Why? According to one study, magnesium ions promote the calcium flow in neuronal channels and, thus, regulate nitric oxide production.

Types of Magnesium Supplements

Even though incorporating magnesium-rich foods into your diet works as well, supplements can also do the trick. But, before you go supplement shopping, here’s what you need to know about the various types of magnesium supplements.

  • Magnesium Chelate

This kind of Mg is highly absorbable by the human body. Not only that but this kind is found in foods naturally, making it all the safer choice. It usually attaches to amino acids.

  • Magnesium Chloride

Usually found in oil form, this magnesium kind can be either used to treat skin ailments or digestive issues. Athletes are even said to use this type of magnesium to enhance their performance and reduce muscle cramps.

  • Magnesium Glycinate

Due to its increased bioavailability, this king of Mg is highly absorbable. As a result, it is recommended for those who want to avoid laxative issues.

  • Magnesium Citrate

What happens when magnesium meets citric acid? Magnesium citrate, that’s what happens! Known for its laxative side effects when administered in high doses, this type of Mg not only prevents constipation but also improves digestion.

  • Magnesium Lactate

For some, this kind of magnesium is a problem-solver when it comes to constipation. For some others with kidney-related problems, it is trouble in disguise. Either way, make sure you read the label, so you know what you get yourself into.

3 Best Magnesium Supplements for a Healthier You

Just a quick look at the health benefits listed above will convince you that being magnesium deficient sucks. So, if you want to turn the tables to your favor, here are there the three best magnesium supplements on the market today.

  1. Doctor’s Best High Absorption Magnesium Dietary Supplement by Doctor’s Best

What do scientific innovation and “not buffered” ingredients have in common? Simple! They are both used to describe one of the best magnesium supplements on the market these days. But, what makes this supplement so special? Let’s take a look.


  • This product is “not buffered,” meaning it doesn’t contain any trace of low-quality magnesium oxide which may be cheap or hard to absorb by our body.

  • It is also made from TRAACS. That means that this supplement uses a patented, organic form of magnesium which is 100% chelated and optimizes bioavailability. Why do you care? Chelation is a process which shields the magnesium molecules until they reach lower intestine where they can be optimally absorbed.

  • This product was produced in GMP-compliant facilities which means it’s safe to consume.

  • It is very affordable.

  • It doesn’t contain any gluten, making it friendly for people with gluten intolerance.

  • It is also vegan.

  • It doesn’t contain any genetically modified ingredients.


  • Some users may notice an increase in their heart pulses.

  • Some others may experience recurring gastrointestinal issues.

  • For some, the pills can be too big to swallow.

  1. Source Naturals Magnesium Malate by Source Naturals

A mix of magnesium and malic acid, this supplement is the best choice if you want to reap all the health benefits but also boost your energy and muscle function. This one is especially recommended for athletes, whether they are slightly or incredibly active.


  • By counterbalancing the calcium concentration in cells, this magnesium supplement relaxes your muscles and helps them recover faster than usual after strenuous activity.

  • It doesn’t contain any allergens such as gluten, soy, egg, dairy, corn or wheat.

  • It also doesn’t contain any sugar or starch, making it waist-friendly.

  • This supplement is free of artificial ingredients and preservatives.

  • It also gets rid of all the aluminum build-up in your body which when accumulated may lead up to several deadly diseases.

  • The price is budget-friendly.


  • There is no documentation this supplement is produced in GMP-certified facilities.

  • The pills are quite big. You may have a hard time swallowing them, but you can always crush them.

  • It may upset your stomach.

  1. Metagenics Mag Glycinate by Metagenics

Featuring one of the most active forms of the mineral, the chelated form, this magnesium supplement is a synonym to high-quality and expertise.


  • The price is unbeatable.

  • Magnesium glycinate which is the main ingredient of this supplement is a chelated form of Mg which is highly absorbable.

  • According to one study, nocturnal leg cramps can be treated with magnesium. Given the supplement’s high absorption rate, you can say goodbye to night-time leg cramps.

  • It doesn’t contain any GM products.

  • It is also gluten-free.

  • This supplement is ideal for vegetarians as it contains no animal products.


  • There is no documentation that this product was made in GMP-compliant facilities.

  • Avoid using while you are on other medication as you may experience heart rhythm irregularities.

The Takeaway

No matter your age, physical or health status, magnesium needs to be part of your everyday life. And since the average modern lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits go hand in hand, magnesium deficiency is quite common.

And we are not so surprised since nutrition alone can only get you so far, especially the way we tend to eat these days. Luckily, three of the best magnesium supplements can help us turn the tables and lead a healthier life.

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