5 Health Benefits of Calcium-D-Glucarate Which Are Hard to Ignore

What do detoxification and hard work have in common? Well, you’re not going to like this answer, but it’s your liver. Wait, what? In case you haven’t noticed, certain food choices these days take a toll on your health, from triggering blood sugar spikes to crowding your body with additional and even harmful substances, a.k.a. toxins.

And who has to pay that price? That’s right, your liver. This vital organ is there to filter out all the toxic substances you eat, drink or inhale without even knowing. But, your poor liver can only go so far. From a point on, the liver kneels under the constant pressure of toxic “invasions,” especially if you repeatedly make unhealthy lifestyle choices.

That’s where calcium-D-glucarate steps in and changes things for the better. This naturally-occurring nutrient takes the burden of the liver by supporting the detoxification process. But, how come you’ve never heard of this nutrient before? Well, don’t worry, read on and find out everything there is about calcium-D-glucarate including how it can boost your overall health.

What is Calcium-D-Glucarate?

Calcium-D-glucarate (CDG) is a calcium salt which serves as an excellent β-glucuronidase inhibitor. That means that it promotes the excretion of harmful molecules in a detoxification pathway. This substance is metabolized and converted into glucaric acid which occurs naturally in the human body in small amounts. That’s why taking calcium-D-glucarate supplements is one of the wisest choices you could make.

Why Should You Take Calcium-D-Glucarate?

Not long ago, the human body produced enough CDG to take care of its detoxification need. As we started receiving significantly higher amounts of toxins through our food and intoxicated environment, this phytonutrient is not enough to help us get by in terms of detoxification. That’s why we need more calcium-D-glucarate to get rid of excess toxins.

How Does Calcium-D-Glucarate Work?

The detoxification process is a multi-phase mechanism, intricately designed to eliminate any toxins roaming throughout the human body. Due to its elaborate nature, various substances contribute to this process which is also known as conjugation.

During conjugation, various liver enzymes attach some of their chemical components to toxins. This reactive conjugation neutralizes toxins as well as leftover detoxification byproducts by fusing them with water-soluble compounds known as glucuronides. All glucuronides have to do is pass through the liver, move on to the bile and, then, end up to the gut where they are flushed out of your body.

Unfortunately, an enzyme called beta-glucuronide inhibits the process. More specifically, this enzyme breaks the bond between water-soluble compounds and toxins, allowing them to re-enter your bloodstream and resume their damaging work.

Calcium-G-glucarate takes action and inhibits the effect of beta-glucuronide on conjugation bonds. As a result, toxins remain attached to glucuronides until they are excreted from the human body.

5 Health Benefits of Calcium-D-Glucarate

1. Detoxifying Liver

Once ingested, calcium-D-glucarate performs two primary tasks. Firstly, it converts into glucaric acid, and secondly, it inhibits the toxin-friendly effect of beta-glucuronide and, thus, promotes the liver’s detoxifying process. But, let’s break this down a bit.

The more toxins are accumulated in your liver, the harder it is for it to function properly. However, glucaric acid (metabolized CDG) clings onto toxins and removes them from your body in the urine. This removing process allows your liver to function efficiently against toxins while preventing them from causing health problems.

2. Metabolizing Estrogen

Toxins aside, beta-glucuronide also favors estrogen. More specifically, this enzyme increases the number of estrogen receptors. That means that estrogen molecules which would have been removed from your system remain intact and bind to more receptors. That results in various side effects such as weight gain, mood swings, even man boobs.

According to one study, calcium-D-glucarate lowers endogenous levels of estradiol which is an estrogen hormone. As a result, this phytonutrient can help you regulate hormone imbalances. However, further research is always welcome.

3. Preventing Cancer

Even though we don’t mean to hate on beta-glucuronide, we don’t have much of a choice. Messing with your estrogen levels and detoxification is one thing, but supporting carcinogenesis is another. That’s why this enzyme readily makes it into the list of the most damaging substances for the human body.

Luckily, calcium-D-glucanate comes to our rescue by inhibiting the impact of this enzyme on our body, especially when it comes to prostate, breast and colon cancers. More specifically, scientists support that this nutrient exerts a potent anti-cancer activity by stabilizing the hormonal environment and proliferative status of the afflicted organ.

4. Regulating “Bab” Cholesterol Levels

Serving as a potent lipid-lowering agent, calcium-D-glucarate is also the ideal choice if you struggle with your LDL “bad” cholesterol levels. One study suggests that this nutrient prevents lipid oxidation induced by two primary oxidants and, thus, results in lower cholesterol levels.

5. Supporting High-Protein Diets

From helping you gain muscle mass to keeping you full for longer, there’s not much protein can’t do for the human body. However, there can be risks when you consume too much of it and it, all boils down to your metabolism.

The liver along with the kidneys are responsible for metabolizing protein and removing any harmful byproducts such as ammonia. But, given the excessive influx of toxins we receive through food these days, it’s no wonder the liver can’t process protein metabolites sufficiently. 

Calcium-D-glucarate decongests the toxin-crowded liver, allowing it to handle the byproducts of a protein-packed diet. That’s why you should seriously consider taking CDG supplements if your diet consists of about 25-35% of protein.

The Takeaway

Regarded as one of the most body-friendly bio-hacks out there, Calcium-D-glucarate can do your liver justice. And between reducing cholesterol, detoxifying your liver, preventing cancer and serving as an excellent all-natural estrogen blocker, this supplement is well worth a shot.

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