Foods That Boost Testosterone

Your diet can have a huge impact on your testosterone levels.  Depending upon what you eat, you
could be ruining your testosterone or not consuming enough of something for testosterone to properly flourish.

Foods That Boost Testosterone

Certain foods are good at increasing your natural testosterone levels.  You always want to maximize your natural production by eating all the necessary foods your body needs to start produce. The
following foods all contain certain vitamins that your body needs to effectively produce testosterone.
If you are deficient in any of these vitamins your body may fail to provide you your testosterone at the fullest range it’s able to produce. We recommend you eat the following products on foods that increase testosterone levels.

1.Foods high in Vitamin D -Oily Fish or perhaps get some sunlight!

2.Foods high in Vitmin E – vegetable oils, green leafy vegetables, nuts.

3.Foods with Magnesium – Pumpkin seeds, almonds , avacado.

4.Foods with Zinc – Oysters, Beef, Spinach

5. Foods High In Cholesterol – Eggs

6. Spicy Food & Testosterone

7. Healthy Fats

As you can see you can also use supplements to get your intake in, but we recommend that you use natural food sources before resorting to supplements. If you absolutely can’t eat any of the recommended foods due to a allergy, then you can perhaps try a supplement.

Foods That Decrease Testosterone Levels

With testosterone, estrogen is your enemy. You always want to avoid any foods that mimic estrogen such as phytoestrogens, according to this study its bad for your testosterone levels.

Check out foods high in estrogen  and see what foods you want to try and avoid. Always avoid phytoestrogen food if you do not want to raise your estrogen levels or your testosterone levels to decrease.  Foods that lower your testosterone are deadly for your body and building muscle!

Some foods you may want to avoid because they will damage your testosterone are the following list.

You may want to consider taking some of the best test boosters in combination with these tweaks.