7 Herbs That Boost Testosterone [With Studies]

Some herbs that boost testosterone are not very well know but have great herbal testosterone effects. Herbs for testosterone have been a secret way people have been using for the past decade and people don’t plan on stopping.  As long as the herbs that increase testosterone keep doing their thing, people will keep using them. We do not have any biases over one herb supplement over another, we are just looking for pure results.

You may be thinking why boost testosterone and what is testosterone? Testosterone is the reason why you have big muscle, therefore boosting your testosterone builds bigger muscles!

Every product we recommend has to be quality and backed by studies (preferably government).  There are hundreds of herbs and there are a few herbs that boost testosterone. We have researched and hand picked the very few that boost your testosterone. We will also expose the herbs that don’t boost your testosterone but people claim they do so.

Many companies will claim they found the latest technology or supplement that is able to boost your testosterone better than any supplement, almost steroid like. Most of these claims are not true or to be taken very lightly. Let us let the studies do the talking instead of someone that has a interest in the sales of their products.

Companies will also get a hold of these herbs that boost testosterone and market it strictly for the fitness industry by having a fancy label and ridiculous claims. The companies usually mark up these supplements a decent 30% from what you can buy without the fancy packaging and ridiculous claims. Herbal testosterone supplements are always cheaper when you just buy it from a non fly by company.

Best Herbs For Testosterone

Looking for testosterone boosting herbs?  Herbs for testosterone is a smart choice because it is very safe for your body versus synthetic compounds that your body doesn’t need.  People under estimate herbal testosterone boosters and those that know about them can use them to their full effect.

We will list out some ingredients that are natural testosterone booster herbs.  Below we provided you a short list of some supplements that you may try out.  There are articles you can about various supplements, feel free to read all the articles to find out if you should be taking that supplement  for its herbal testosterone boosting effects.

7. Ashwagandha

A hidden herb that could potentially raise your testosterone levels. Aside from its testosterone boosting abilities it also has great health benefits that you can check out.

6. Does ZMA work?

Are you low in certain minerals? Perhaps you should try a ZMA supplement. ZMA is a blend of Zinc, Magnesium, and B6. It is a combination of minerals that your body needs to produce testosterone. Zinc plays a important role in your bodies hormone level and being deficient in the supplement can cause problems.  You may need to get your levels checked to find out if you have low levels.

5. Mucuna Pruriens

According to studies this stuff actually works. Perhaps start including it into your supplement regiment.

4. Shilajit

Another one of the best herbs for testosterone. This stuff is fairly expensive, therefore we suggest you to make use of it as much as you can.

3. Horny Goat Weed

Although the studies aren’t as solid as most other herbs to boost testosterone, this one could still give you a natural testosterone boost.

2. Ginger

We all know ginger and most likely use ginger on a regular basis and if you’r not then you may want to think about starting. After all it is a delicious addition to teas to give it that extra kick and the health benefits are amazing.

1. Suma Root

Of course we saved the best for last! (In our honest opinion)

Very promising herb that increases testosterone.  Just like every other herbal testosterone supplement listed here, this one has amazing health benefits that you should look at.  Check out the link below review suma root for the best possible price.

Verdict : Recommended

The Final Say

These are just a minor few herbs that increase testosterone. We will continue to research new supplements and provide unbiased findings to you.  If you are looking for formulas then we have a great article that explains the best testosterone booster formulas. If your going to spend money on supplements, make it worth it.

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