8 Steps To Naturally Boost Testosterone By 158% [Guide]

But whats the catch? No catch at all! Actually the best part is that every step you will be taking will have a positive impact upon your health.  Okay maybe 158% is a made up  number but depending on the individual you could raise it more than that or less, it all depends on you!

How to Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels?

This is by far the number one question in males asked in some point in their lives.  The second most common question is where can I find honest information that will work? Depending on the route you take, you will find all kinds of useful information here on how to naturally increase testosterone levels. When you take advantage of these easy tips, you will be able to take advantage of huge testosterone gains.  Visa versa if you ignore these tips then you are missing out on a ton of testosterone gains!

What Is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a mans most vital hormone, it is what defines you as a man. It is the hormone that separates you from a women by giving you more muscle, deeper voice, building your physique and much more.  Why does this matter? Having low testosterone is dangerous as it carries side effects.  Your body wants and needs to maintain its raise your testosterone levels and only you have the power to control it. You can start by following our guide below on ways to increase testosterone.

Low Testosterone Symptoms

If your under the age of 50 and you are experiencing some of these symptoms then perhaps it’s a time you start changing your lifestyle.

Erectile dysfunction and low testosterone medication are expensive and they may come with side effects that may not be worth it.  Check out some our natural testosterone boosters that we personally have tried and reviewed.

You may start noticing some of these symptoms as early as your twenties. The following are the symptoms associated with Low T

  • Moody
  • Fatigue
  • Weight-gain
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Muscle loss
  • Sleep apneas
  • Memory loss
  • Fatigue
  • No libido
  • Trouble putting on muscle

We are by no means expert and won’t be able to diagnose you on whether you have Low T or not, but we can help assist you by giving you knowledge and information to open your eyes to new information. By understanding this information you can realize you may need to see a doctor to get a professional diagnosis. There are plenty of methods to treat these symptoms, therefore there is no need to worry as fixing an issue is just a change away!

Testosterone And Age

According to this study, you will start loosing your testosterone as you age. It is a fact that as a man, your levels will decline every year after the age of 30 by %1.  We have several tips for you if you want to purposely lower your testosterone. After several years you will start noticing a impact on your level as it starts adding up. Notice the chart on the left hand side and you will see the testosterone levels decline with age. You may also have external factors that will contribute to even more of a sudden loss. We will be discussing what some of these things may be and how you can prevent it by trying a combination of different things. You will need to take a look at your diet,  exercising, and perhaps supplementation.

The three items have a huge impact on the way your body works and how much testosterone your body produces.  By changing your lifestyle up, your body should be able to go back to producing natural testosterone levels.

In this article and website we will discuss what exactly is causing your testosterone to drop. We will tell you what and how to fix your drop in testosterone and help you raise it to higher then your levels have ever been.  You may ask how will we be doing this and how can you trust us? We have been through the same thing you are feeling and we got tired of it, we did trial and error and did plenty of research and found out everything there was to know about testosterone.

Can I Boost Testosterone Fast?

The first question you have may be how to build testosterone. Lets not forget that raising your testosterone will take time, it will not be an overnight change. Just like anything in life change takes time and anything that sticks will take awhile to obtain. Keep up with these small lifestyle changes and over time your body will compensate for it. It could take as early as a few days to weeks to see noticeable changes.

Things To Boost Testosterone

8. Exercise

Although there are many ways to increase your testosterone through supplements and foods, exercising is a great way to increase your testosterone. The body needs to be stimulated in other ways to trigger its production in testosterone.  Compound exercises are the most beneficial as well as lifting heavy enough to do around 10 reps. Do not skip big muscles such as quadriceps as these help increase your testosterone levels.  Try doing squats, bench press, and shoulder press. These exercises are the best ones.

As far as cardio goes you will want to do HIT cardio, which is high intensity training. This is a great way on how to naturally increase testosterone levels.

7. Eliminate Stress

To deal with stress your body will increase its production of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that your body produces and having to much of it can lead to muscle loss and weight gain. Having low cortisol levels is a key component to higher testosterone levels and muscle gain.

6.Good Amount Of Sleep

You should know your body by now and awknowledge how much sleep it needs to get a full nights rest. Although your gains are gained in the gym, the gains are built outside of the gym. Most of them being while you sleep.  While sleeping your body produces important hormones and let’s your body recover. By cutting your sleep short you are cutting your hormones and your recovery as well.

Recent studies show that your testosterone will significantly decrease depending on how many hours you short yourself for sleep.  Less sleep equals higher cortisol levels as well and we all know how cortisol effects your body.

5. Loose Weight

By accumulating fat your testosterone will take a dive due the enzymes in fat. It turns testosterone into estrogen which is a direct result in a loss of testosterone. Loosing weight will result in a significant testosterone increase and the impact on your health will vastly improve.

It works both works as well, falling testosterone also leads to an increase in your body fat levels.

4. Lets Take A Look At Your Diet

How to get more testosterone largely is affected by your diet. Whatever you consume has a huge impact on the way your body produces things, even testosterone is impacted. Therefore we want to make sure you are eating natural foods that will not harm your body.  Stay away from food such as alcohol. Limit your intake as this is a huge deal.   Processed foods and sugar are also linked to lower testosterone levels.  Eating natural, organic, non GMO are your best option.

  • Limit alcohol
  • Limit Processed foods
  • Eat organic and non GMO
  • Avoid foods with not natural chemicals.
  • Oysters for zinc
  • Healthy fats

Estrogen Levels and Food

There are many ways to increase testosterone, but decreasing your estrogen is just as important as how to get more testosterone.This doesn’t involve the direct produce of testosterone but having high estrogen levels indirectly effects your testosterone levels. By reducing your estrogen we a making more of a testosterone filled environment for your body. In order to decrease testosterone we will have to make adjustments to your diet.

Here are some things that will lower estrogen

  • Cauliflower
  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Avoiding Soy products

3. Vitamins

Your body may lack the necessary vitamins it takes to produce an adequate amount of testosterone. Just like everything else in your body, testosterone needs vitamins to make testosterone.  You may have a deficiency of a certain vitamin, you won’t know until you start taking the supplement that you lack of or you get blood tests done which is highly recommended. These supplements will only help if you are deficient in the supplement.

Vitamin D

Men who had low levels of vitamins D also had low testosterone and higher estrogen.


ZMA contains Zinc and Magnesium. These supplements are vital for increasing your natural testosterone level.

Vitamin C

This lowers your cortisol level in the body.  It also stops the conversion of estrogen in the body.

Vitamins are essential for your body and provide many health benefits. If you are deficient in any vitamin it’s always a good idea to take a multi vitamin just incase as they wont hurt you. Unless your taking a huge amount, you should take the recommended amount.

2. Best Natural Testosterone Supplements

This is a very effective way on how to build testosterone. The above article will mention some safe and effective ways to boost your testosterone through the use of natural supplements such as herbal, vitamins, and mineral pills. Do not be fooled, just because they are natural does not mean they will not work. These supplements will work in the right place and the right time. Give them a shot and see what happens. Remember this is mostly trial and error, you will never know until you find out for yourself. Chances are you would also be interested in the best supplements for bodybuildersu.

1.  Miscellaneous Lifestyle Changes

Certain changes to your lifestyle can promote testosterone production such as the following.

  1. Cold Shower Testosterone
  2. Myostatin Inhibitor
  3. Raising DHT levels

What Increases Testosterone!

  • More sleep
  • Less stressed
  • Workout large muscle groups – quads
  • Healthy Fats
  • Avoid Soy products
  • Vitamin C & D
  • Zinc and Magnesium
  • Eating vegetables such as broccoli
  • Natural Herbal supplements
  • Loose weight

TRT and Steroids

TRT stands for testosterone replacement therapy. Many people use this as a substitute for low testosterone, but it can be dangerous. Studies have shown an increase in heart attacks for those who use steroids and TRT.

It is much safer for your body to go with the natural route by using vitamins, herbal supplements, and changing your lifestyle around.  The following are some common side effects of using this method.

  • Organs growth
  • Breasts develop in males
  • Limited sperm production
  • Baldness
  • Heart attacks
  • Sleep apnea
  • Erectile dysfunction

Using steroids if very dangerous and you should always do your research and consult your doctor before hand. Sometimes after a cycle your body will fail to produce testosterone on its own ever again and you will have to be on TRT for the rest of their lives.

Testosterone Testing

We suggest you go to the doctor and get the tests done to see if you really have low testosterone levels. Your doctor will go through some options that you have to raise your levels.  They always have at home kits if you want to test it yourself. Below is the healthy range of testosterone for each age range. This is the first step to determine if you need to look for ways to increase testosterone.

Compare your results to the table above to see if you have lower testosterone then average.   The most important thing is free testosterone, this is what builds muscle and gives you sexual function.

Total Testosterone – is measure of free testosterone and the amount that is bound to SHBG.

Free Testosterone – Those with low free testosterone will loose their sex drive, bone loss, infertile.

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